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documents enclosed envelope

Documents Enclosed Envelope

Documents enclosed labels are used to enclose and secure important documents to a package. Ideal for delivery notes, invoices, receipts etc.

They provide the sender a safe way to send these important documents along with the package, without the risk of them getting damaged or lost in transit.

The labels are transparent so the document can be clearly seen.

They have a self-adhesive peel-off backing that is quick and easy to apply securely to a variety of surfaces such as wood, glass, metal and stretch film.

CODE DESC SIZE (mm x mm) Qty/Box
DOC PL A7 A7 Plain 118 x 98 1000
DOC PR A7 A7 Printed 118 x 98 1000
DOC PL A6 A6 Plain 160 x 110 1000
DOC PR A6 A6 Printed 160 x 110 1000
DOC PL A5 A5 Plain 225 x 165 1000
DOC PR A5 A5 Printed 225 x 165 1000
DOC PL DL DL Plain 120 x 110 1000
DOC PL A4 A4 Plain 315 x 235 500