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LCD Endcap

The Air Pod End Cap

The OHMI registered product is suitable for LED, LCD, PDP, OLED and UDH panels from 10" to 55", this product delivers, on average, a 40% reduction in the packaging's volume, making panel packaging sustainable, uncomplicated, and cost effective. The durable Air Pod End Cap™ inflates in seconds and slots easily around the panel. Extra cushioning at the corners and our innovative inner suspension sleeve ensure safe transportation of the panels and help to eliminate damage. Packaging waste is reduced and excess packaging is removed - this lighter and smaller panel packaging saves you time and money.

  • The Air Pod End Cap™ solution consists of 2 Air Pod™ End Caps and a customised carton of minimal size.
  • 10 - 55 inch, varying widths to accommodate different panel dimensions.
  • Increased productivity: packaging time is reduced to a few seconds.
  • Reduced labour costs: a former two-man operation can now be completed by one person.
  • Savings in transportation: Air Pod End Cap panel packaging is robust enough to be shipped without a pallet.
  • Also, the smaller volumetric size of the pack contributes to a lower weight and volume, leading to a reduction in shipping costs.
  • Standardised packing instructions for all panels: one uniform packing instruction eliminates human error.
  • Optimised protection: complete elimination of damages.
  • Sustainable and reusable solution: higher customer retention through an improved company image.
Notebook Air Pod

The Notebook Air Pod

The four standard sizes: Mini (10" netbook), Small(11" ultrabook), Medium(15" notebook) and Large (18" notebook) were developed to drastically reduce the packaging's volumetric size and eliminate excess packaging. The simple Notebook Air Pod™ customised carton solution allows you to pack notebooks quickly and efficiently and contributes to lower shipping costs, weight and volume.

  • Reusable in a closed loop supply chain environment
  • 100% recyclable
  • ISTA 3A tested and approved by original equipment manufacturers and parcel carriers
TV Pod

TV Smart Pod

OTV Smart Pod™ is a reusable TV packaging solution, particularly suitable for the after sales and service support markets. Suitable for any make and model of TV, we currently offer four standard sizes in three packaging solutions to accommodate LED, LCD, OLED and PDP televisions from 26 - 55 inches for all service requirements. Usually just two sizes are required for the whole product range, which will eliminate the need for a separate solution for each TV size, hence reducing the amount of packaging needed. The TV Smart Pod™ uses an innovative cushion of air (Air Pod™) to support and protect the TV during transportation. TV Smart Pod™ standardises the packaging process and reduces packaging time. TV Smart Pod™ is a reusable Packaging Solution, which reduces your packaging cost, waste and carbon emissions. Individual components can be purchased to ensure maximum re-usability of your TV Smart Pod™

  • TV Smart Pod™ for TVs with stands: This product is comprised of several components: an adjustable cardboard base and lid to accommodate varying TV heights, smart handles with lock-in mechanisms to lock the lid to the base and strengthen lifting points; 2 x Air Pod End Caps™ which act as shock absorbers and keep the TV stand afloat. Can be used for single shipments or reused in a closed-loop environment. Parcel channel compliant and tested. Optimum pack size to lower shipping costs.
  • TV Smart Pod™ for TVs with stand detached: as above, plus a compartment for the stand
  • TV Smart Pod™ for TV panels only: Air Pod End Cap™ solution with slimline carton
  • Individual components can be purchased separately to ensure maximum re-usability of your TV Smart Pod™
Tablet Air Pod

Air Pod for Moblie Devices

Our Air Pod™ solution for phones and tablet PCs provides a simple and effective solution, which enables shipment without exterior packaging to further drive down cost and reduce your environmental footprint. The phone or tablet can be placed in an Air Pod™ and safely shipped in a courier bag only. The slim design of the pod offers ultimate protection, is re-usable and endorsed by leading tablet providers.

  • 3 standard sizes to support mobile phones, 7inch and 10 inch tablets.
  • The universal solution fits all (smart)phones and tablets currently in circulation.
  • Ultimate protection
  • Can be used with or without carton
  • Low storage footprint
  • Reusable
TV Corner Piece Air Pod


As TV screen sizes get bigger, there is a trend for the overall pack size to increase, resulting in increased logistics costs. Not anymore! Our slimline Air Pod™ solution for TVs allows you to ship smarter and cheaper.

  • Inflates in seconds! Saves space and time! Delivers improvements and costs savings in all areas of supply chain!
  • Reduction in Overall Pack size delivers lower logistics costs.
  • Air Pods™ are intuitive to use, single design for all types of slimline TVs allow to create uniform packaging instructions and improve productivity.
  • Air Pods™ are cleaner and smaller than conventional EPS packaging resulting in a reduced environmental impact, better company image and higher customer retention.